Cobalt-60 Legacy

The past, present and future of USask nuclear medicine.
Explores the legacy of U of S innovations in nuclear medicine
Dr. John Root - Cobalt-60
Dr Sylvia Fedoruk - Cobalt-60
Dr. Dean Chapman - Cobalt-60

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Born in Canora, Saskatchewan of Ukrainian immigrants, Sylvia Fedoruk is one of Canadas foremost medical biophysicists and the only woman who in the 1950s was conducting medical-physics research in Canada. Her groundbreaking achievements have earned her worldwide recognition, bringing honour to the University of Saskatchewan, her home province, and Canada as a whole.
Born in Chengtu, West China in 1915, Harold Elford Johns came to Canada to make his worldwide impact on medicine. He obtained his B.A. from McMaster University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. Dr. Johns took great strides in the fight against cancer. He invented and developed the Cobalt-60 machine which had an immediate impact on the cancer survival rate.

The Cancer Bomb Exhibit & Cobalt-60 at 60

Cobalt 60 Basics

  • Cobalt 60 – A short, fun video by Jess Nielson created as a student science project to explain the basics of cobalt 60. Former USask researchers Sylvia Fedoruk and Ed Epp are referenced.